Trauma Bar und Kino is pleased to present Vermillion, a solo exhibition by the Croatian-born, Berlin based Tea Stražičić. The exhibition shows for the first time large-format drawings and paintings by the artist, who has mainly worked in the fields of video art and animation until now. The individual works reinterpret the story Vermillion, which Stražičić co-authored with Nicholas Zhu, as an oversized graphic novel in exhibition format. In the story, the “horsemen of the apocalypse,” a chaotic group of friends on their way to a doomsday party, set out on a journey to deliver “Behemot” to an “Anti-Diluvian Club.” The characters are striking skeletal creatures who behave like vampires, while their appearances change as they travel through a surreal landscape of apps, add-ons, and architecture. Over the course of their journey, they gradually lose their sense of self as well as their need for self-determination and individuality. They come to understand individuality as a trap that humans have created for themselves, one that prevents real communication. Stražičić thus touches on broader themes such as individuality and individual self-determination.
In addition to large-format drawings, paintings, and objects, the exhibition is also supplemented by an animated film from Ana Sagadin. Furthermore, the narrative of Vermillion is also presented in a calligraphic book-object, made by Jean-Baptiste Normand specifically for the exhibition.
— Madalina Stanescu



Acrylic airbrush on paper, 2021

Acrylic airbrush on paper, 2021

The Triad
Acrylic airbrush on paper, 2021

The Ride 2021
Acrylic airbrush on canvas, 2021

First Blue 2021
Acrylic airbrush on paper, 2021

Machine fairy
Acrylic airbrush on canvas, 2021



Written by Tea Strazicic and Nicholas Zhu 
Poem by: Dražen Dukat
Calligraphy by Jean-Baptiste Normand

Full text and audiobook


Tunnel vision
4K video loop, digital 2D animation, 2021
Background art: Tea Strazicic
Animation: Anna Šagadin

40cm, Mammoth resin, Acrylic, 2021.

80cm, Mammoth resin, Acrylic, 2021.

Custom Vermillion Drumset
Airbrush, artists Bliss Resting & Tea Strazicic

Produced by the Trauma bar und Kino,
6.11.21 - 6.12.21

Curation: Madalina Stanescu

Photographer: Joe Clark 

Vermillion - with all of its supporting events manifested as a year long journey and bond with Trauma. It made a perfect circle, a portal from my dreams into reality.
I extend my gratitude to everyone who worked on it, and friends who supported this show.

Madalina Stanescu

Adrian Ghenie

Erik Felfalusi

Matei Cioata

Bliss Resting

Marina Paula Orellano

James Goh


Leo Luccini

Anna Sagadin

Jean-Baptiste Normand

Jeremy Coubrough

Nicholas Zhu

Laim Morrison

Horia Latinetot

Trauma Bars Tech Team

Cylan Barker

Drazen Dukat

Marta Strazicic

Theo Dhempsey

Oxhy Khan

Lukaš Ježek

Hanko Ye

Mahir Seven

Nathan Tito

Agnus S. Green

Tears of Fire


Kyril Chizhikov Cyber

DJ PayPal

Parkingstone Paris

Eternally grateful,