Project Arc II:
Development of a visual body - Chimera - for Trust Suport org. Arc II. (Berlin branch)



Trust (Calum Bowden, Jovana Maksić, and Lina Martin-Chan) introduces Arc II – an exploration of the collective entity, with a focus on sustainable infrastructure and imaginative metaphors. An arc comprises events that guide us through peaks and plateaus, enabling renewal and transformation.

Legal and technical approaches to organization have limitations in their ability to construct new worlds. Trust embarks on a new journey to dissect and assemble collective entities.

"What in the world is a collective entity?" Trust is a collective entity! It's a chimera composed of organs and interconnected elements.

The head conceives rules and protocols to consciously regulate its body. The hand makes finances visible. Bones maintain the body's components in a skeletal network. The heart beats to the rhythm of rituals and practices, circulating implicit vibes and emotions. The melon sends vibrations, like this newsletter, far beyond the body's sensory boundaries. And delving into the depths of our world, roots construct networks of memories and traditions, delivering nourishment to its body.

A collective entity is akin to a sack or bag. It holds people, things, and meanings within distinct and influential relationships to each other and to us.*

*Adapted from Ursula K. Le Guin's Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction My task was to visualize and outline the initial body parts, assemble and transmit visual information to my colleague Bunker, who would then further incorporate my core visuals into machine learning and prompt them, creating an infinite pool of aesthetical imagery. The organizational body/homeostatic body is composed of:

Multiple Heads (Hydra): decision-making, rules, governance Hands: finances (the visible hand) for financial transparency Gut Brain: intuition, subjectivity, vibe sensing Body: people, onboarding Mouth: lore, generational meaning-making Melon (Echolocation organ): long-distance communication (metaphor for time zones and global community spread), broadcasting Legs/Roots: physical space, real-world encounters, physical space maintenance and stability Wings: Experimentation within Trust, facilitating the emergence of new ideas into projects and working groups.