QT UR EA an art installation inspired by open-world video games Directed by artists Mary-Audrey Ramirez and produced by Lukas Schmek.

They have transformed Berlin’s Trauma Bar und Kino into an immersive alien environment using sound, dance, motion capture, performance and CGI renderings of virtual worlds. On the opening night bod [包家巷], Alza_54, Oli XL, Ifeoluwa and Simon Goff performed while eight dancers enacted a series of alien rituals and interactions.

My job was to create creatures and other in game assets for the real time motion capture avatars carried by the performers. Bellow is the library of the characters created for the real time usage:

Drafts and sketches 




Mary-Audrey Ramirez – artist
LUKAS8K (Lukas Schmeck) – artist
Madalina Stanescu – curator
Ali Heffetz – choreographer
Po-Nien Wang – performer
Marcin Motyl – performer
Christopher Corcoran – performer
Darren Devaney – performer
Stefano De Angelis – performer
Eva Vuillemin – performer
Bod (Nick Zhu) – Music Performance + DJ Set
Alza_54 (Lukas Mehling) – Music Ambiance
Oli XL (Oliver Sehlstedt) – DJ set
Ifeoluwa (Yewanda Adeniran) – DJ set
Simon Goff – violin player
Adam Paroussos – creature sound design
David Coleby – permaculture installation
Tea D. Stražičić – CGI (computer generated imagery)
Anastasiia Holumbovska – CGI intern
Max Kreis – Motion capture
Artist assistant for Mary-Audrey Ramirez: Ash Higginson

Mary-Audrey Ramirez
Jennifer Welp
Julia Braaker
Stella Garbert

Set Up Director:
Matei Cioata

Music Curation:
Kyle Van Horn
Jordan Davidson
Cosmin Tapu

Production Management:
Katharina Joy Book
Pierre Renard

Rasmus Lauvring – lights and sculpture illumination
Matthew Gun – sound

Kitty Lee Schumacher – photography
Adrian Parvulescu – photography

Basil Prinz – make up
Tiko Amoako – hair stylist

Noitom – motion capture suits