Tea Stražičić 

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Tea Strazicic, multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin originally from Dubrovnik, Croatia. Having earned an MA in Animation and New Media from ALU Zagreb. Tea is widely known as Fluff Lord online. Currently involved in the art direction of their art brand, Fluff +

Their visual practice is based of the written apocalyptic visions, published chapter by chapter in the fantasy saga ‘ Schwestern Sisters ‘ started in 2012.

Noteworthy roles include serving as an animation director for TED ED, Animafest, and Adult Swim. In the realm of product design, Tea designed 3D-printed items like Skull Slippers and EMO Bunny candles under former ITCC and SHCR.  In 2023, they presented the solo show and music program 'Vermillion' at their artist studio with an open residency at Trauma Bar und Kino.
They had solo shows at Polansky Gallery, Ung5, Trauma Bar und Kino, and Number1Mainroad. Featured in publications like Kingkong Magazine and Heavy Metal, Tea's work has left a lasting impact on younger generation of digital artists. Their talents have also been showcased as a VJ at Deutche Oper House by Gil Schneider and made a significant debut at Sonic Acts with BOD and Pirate Sheep. , collaborating with KMIF, Gargouille guillotine, Evanora Unlimited, and contributing to the visual identity of Trust.Support.

Tea, alongside sisters Marta and Ana Strazicic, co-founded the SwS collective, pioneering real-time animation in Eastern Europe. 

Published writing:


Umjetnicka Skola Luko Sorkocevic  in Dubrovnik
BA and MA in ‘Animation and new media’ at ALU Zagreb, Croatia.
Animation Sans Frontières - EU Development Lab
Open Workshop, Viborg, Denmark

List of long term Clients ( installation works and visual identety ):
Sonic Acts, Creepy Teepee, Supynes, Ekstravagantna Tijela, CreamcakeGood Intentions. Animafest, Parkingstone, Final Taipei

Latest solo exhibitions: ‘Lone Long Boy’ at Polansky Gallery (Prague), UwU at Ung5 (Cologne), ‘Vermillion’ at Trauma Bar und Kino (Berlin), ‘Skinmansoft’ at Number1Mainroad (Berlin), Hyperling Athens (Greece)

Printed publishing by: Kingkong Magazine, Tunica Studio, Heavy Metal (US), Sonic Acts and Kontejner Biro, Proof of Art ( A short history of NFTs from begining of digital art to the metaverse)

Digital publishing: TEDed, FeltZine, VICE, ArtSlant, FuckingYoung, Adult Swim, Tzvetnik, Art Viewer, Ello, AQNB, oFluxo, The Wire.


Gaming issue of #kingkongmagazine 13


I have chosen not to participate in or support competitiveness in the arts due to my belief system and the nature of my practice;
Since 2015.



Balance Festival Leipzig - Web Edition, CGI Video wall for Solaris

Trauma Bar Berlin - QTUREA, real time CGI multi channel installation for the Scifi opera

Sonic Acts Academy, Progress Bar, live video game AV performance with bod [包家巷] and Marta Strazicic


HKV Berlin - Omsk Social Club, cryptorave video performance

Deutsche Oper Berlin - VR painting and live video performance for Gil Schneiders ‘Der Zwerg’

Ekstravagantna tijela: Ekstravagantna ljubav, Festival -  AV performance with bod [包家巷] in Nikola Tesla Museum, BY ‘KONTEJNER BIRO’ in Zagreb, Croatia


Supynes Festival - Headlining the Playground stage, Tea Strazicic as FluffLord (HR) & Nick Zhu as bod [包家巷] (USA), Lithuania



‘Daleka Obala’ at Hyperlink Athens (Athens)


‘Skinmansoft’ at Number1Mainroad (Berlin)


‘Vermillion’ at Trauma Bar und Kino (Berlin)


‘3hd 2020: Echo Chamber’ group show curated by Creamcake at Großer Wasserspeicher, Berlin

‘UwU’ solo show at Ung-5, Cologne, curated by Christina Gigliotti

‘Hot Air / Mery Gates’ at the ‘FIDI Arsenale’ Curated by Collin Clarke, Bika Rebek, and Matt Shaw. NY, USA


‘Demise: of a Dream + Smegma’ at A10, Valencia

‘Seeds of Caelum’ group show curated by Hyperlink Athens

‘Lone Long Boy’ solo show at Polansky gallery, curated By Christina Gigliotti, Prague

‘Champs-Élysées’ group show @427, Riga

‘Whale Fall’ group show curated by Most Dismal Swamp at Gossamer Fog, London

‘Dance with the devil’ by Schwestern Sisters x Ittah Yoda at Galerija Močvara, Zagreb


‘Primal_Ditch_BP;’ Curated by Lovro Japundžić in GMK Zagreb

‘At the Mercy of Your Saliva’ solo show at Patara Gallery, Georgia, Tbilisi


‘Digital art by Felt Zine’ at Superchief Gallery NY, USA

Play CO. Summit curated by Penny Rafferty and Ed Fornieles, London

MOVA I. and II. virtual museum, permanent online exhibition

Art Collective SwS


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SwS or Schwestern Sisters is a digital media art collective and a family business working with visual content for electronic musicians, labels and festivals.

SwS workflow:

  • Game engine ( Unreal Engine )
  • VFX ( Houdini) 
  • 3D modeling and texturing software ( Substance and Zbrush )
  • Concept art ( Adobe)
  • 2D animation ( Adobe Animate)
  • VR 

Clients and commissioned work ( 2017. - 2020. )