'At the Mercy of Your Saliva'
by Tea Strazicic,
Patara gallery, Tbilisi


At the end of the time there was one frog left in the heavenly Wetlands.
Frog fell in love with the grass, with the snakes, with the goats.
But most of all she fell in love with the bird.
Bird took the frog from the heavens and flew her to the ocean on Earth.
Gods raged and the heaven broke apart.
But the frog didn’t mind as long as she could love her bird.
They had a pink baby in the nest made out of frogs saliva.

You have found the nest.
I would be so amazing if you could touch it. But no. You can’t.
There is solid glass between you and the baby.
You recognise it from somewhere…
Nevermind, it is pink and gooey,
It is better not to touch it.

4.9.18 — 20.9.18

Georgia Today