Tea Strazicic


‘Midnight Cinema’
‘At the Mercy of Your Saliva’
‘Primal Ditch BP’

Commisioned work 

Album Art  16 / 17

1st Interrupted

Graphic novel 

Broken Flowers
Looking at Things
Radio Jesus
Flat Crocodile 



Tea Strazicic
is an animation director at Adriatic Animation studio and artist at SwS collective.
After finishing MA in animation and new media and ASF course in animation production she attended residency
at Open Workshop in Denmark. Beginning of 2017. she partnered with Nick Zhu as AV duo in Los
Angeles focusing mainly on working with international electronic music artist and festivals. Currently
runs VR INC residency in Croatia.
Her work was published by Heavy Metal (US), TEDed, FeltZine, VICE, ArtSlant, FuckingYoung, Adult Swim,
Tzvetnik, Engadget, Silica, AQNB, Ello and she performed live at Supynes Festival (Lithuania), Hammer
(LA), ACE Hotel (DTLA, CA, USA) and many more.
Art Collective SwS:
SwS or Schwestern Sisters is a digital media art collective and a family business working with visual
content for electronic musicians, labels and festivals.
SwS is founded in 2012. by Tea (1990.) and Marta Stražičić (1995.) and they are sometimes accompanied by the youngest member Ana (2000.).
SwS workflow includes between five to ten different software and game engine edits to create a final
product, starting to create content for HTC Vive in 2017.